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At Celtic Management Services we strive to empower SMBs with seamless end-user computing solutions, our experience in the IT industry focussing on EUC services helps us understand, define and solution next-gen EUC services.


At Celtic Management Services our mission is to bridge the IT talent gap and drive business innovation by providing top-tier technology services. We are committed to enhancing cybersecurity, enabling seamless end-user computing experiences, and delivering skilled professionals to meet the evolving needs of the industry. By focusing on quality, competitive pricing, and a people-centric approach, we aim to empower businesses in Ireland and beyond to achieve their full potential in a dynamic digital landscape.


At Celtic Management Services our vision is to be the leading IT services provider in Ireland and globally, renowned for our excellence in cybersecurity, end-user computing, and staff augmentation. We envision a future where our innovative solutions and dedicated professionals help businesses overcome talent shortages, embrace technological advancements, and maintain a competitive edge. Through our commitment to quality and continuous improvement, we strive to shape a secure, connected, and agile digital future for our clients.

Our services

CMS Offerings

We work with innovative product owners to deliver our next-gen end-user cybersecurity solution and our core decommissioning and data erasure/sanitization service.


UMSDesk365 + CyberFortify = Best in-class security for end points. Plug and play service consumption

Cyberfortify Security Suite

Implementation of advanced cybersecurity features, including endpoint detection and response, antivirus, data loss prevention, and password vault.


UMSDesk365 streamlines the lifecycle management of end-user devices, encompassing provisioning, configuration, and decommissioning processes.

Our services

IT Services Offerings

At CMS, we specialise in staff augmentation, offering top-tier professionals to complement your team seamlessly. Our laptop rental services provide flexible solutions for temporary needs, while our eco-friendly IT hardware decommissioning ensures responsible disposal. With cutting-edge data erasure services, we safeguard your sensitive information and promote data security and compliance. Trust CMS to empower your business with innovative IT solutions tailored to your unique requirements.

Laptop procurement
and supply.

Providing temporary rental options for laptops that are ideal for events, short-term projects, or remote workforce needs.

Staff Augmentation (short-term, long-term)

Augmenting your workforce with skilled professionals on a temporary or project-specific basis.

IT Hardware decommissioning (Eco friendly)

Safely and responsibly retiring outdated or unused IT hardware to comply with environmental regulations.

Deep Data wipe and erasure (Certified)

Securely wiping sensitive data from storage devices to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Cyber Fortify

Cyber Fortify focuses on strengthening the cybersecurity posture of end-user devices, safeguarding against threats, and ensuring compliance. Cyber Fortify stands as a comprehensive solution with advanced cybersecurity features, including endpoint detection and response, antivirus, malware protection, and data loss prevention.

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Cybersecurity is
our #1 priority

We understand the detrimental effects that cyberattacks can have on businesses, which is why we carefully evaluate each client's ..

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